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Subliminal reviews are offered more than enough on subliminal shop.

A discrete forum has been created for this purpose. Subliminal users are able to post their experiences within this forum. As described in previous article, I can confirm a lot of testimonials, because I got many forum users also in my private Facebook buddy list.

This article will get into further detail concerning some subliminal success stories.

Alpha Male –
I can tell my own experiences with this subliminals and further speak about success stories from other users.

Changes, that have happened (through this subliminal) within myself and also at other users are simply put – excellent.
There were physical changes, too. More relaxed eye lids and facial structures.

Further changes are:
* always a jerky smile on my face, having the deep inner awareness that anything is alright
* body language got more dominant and at the same time relaxed
* ability to relax in big social groups and be the center of attraction (without forcing it)
* often being asked: “what is your opinion on this/that?” (due to alpha-presence)
* being appreciated differently by women
* laser like focus for commodities that are important to s.o. (in my case: business. It went through the roof)
* big motivation boost for sports (in my case: weight training and martial arts)

… and those are solely the changes that subliminal created, I am aware of.

Sounds too good, to be true? Right. I was also sceptical at the beginning of the subliminal effects, till I stood there with open mouth after a period of 6 month. I said to myself: “Is this ME?”

There is a special script in this subliminal included. Changes are often made casual. It is crazy, what impact this sublimninal had on me.

Other user experiences with this subliminal are very similar to mine. Those subliminal experiences can be found in the subliminal shop forum. I further got two of those testimonials in my private facebook buddy, I can assure that those assure that those subliminal testimonials are authentic.

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Body Building –

I spoke to one of my best friends and told him about the subliminal page, because he noticed the changes I have made (he never thought, that those changes would have been possible). Furthermore I have attracted lots of positive things into my life, which must have come through listening to subliminal.

This friend was searching for ways to improve his body. He is doing weight training for at least 2 years and wanted to gain more muscles and get even more ripped.

His motivation for pumping iron was slowing down within last months. After a period of only 4 days (and I tell the truth) of listening to subliminal for about 8 hours at night, my friend felt a strong urge of motivation in the morning hours after getting up… he has to lift weight today! After a period of only 7 days, I noticed a more defined and muscular buddy – all due to listening to this subliminal.

Luck Magnifier –
I am currently listening to subliminal called Luck Magnifier. This title was a request by a customer, when those subliminal recordings were still sold via eBay. The author of subliminal recordings, whose name is Shannon Matteson had to take some time and think about how to develop this subliminal. Luck is something, that is defined by user and so he created this title with following content:

I now powerfully magnify my luck and make it better, more positive and more obvious.
I now manifest into my life all the positive things that I consciously want to have and experience.
I now align my subconscious mind with manifesting whatever positive things that my conscious mind wants and needs.
I am now becoming luckier and luckier, and it is showing up in my life in more and more obvious ways.
I am now an extremely lucky person.
I now accept, understand and believe that I can improve my luck, and align my life and reality with whatever positive things I consciously desire without harming anyone.
I now want and choose to improve my good fortune and luck, and align my life and reality with whatever positive things I consciously desire without harming anyone, so I do.
I now use my dreams at night to improve my good fortune and luck, and align my life and reality with whatever positive things I consciously desire, without harming anyone.
I now fully deserve to be lucky and to improve my good fortune.
I now give myself complete permission to be lucky, improve my good fortune, and align my life and reality with my positive conscious desires, without harming anyone.
My reality is now fully aligned with my positive conscious desires, without harming anyone.
I now ignore any and all negative beliefs pertaining to luck.

I am using this subliminal for only some weeks now and I feel, how this subliminal also influences my business success. New success ideas coming “out of nowhere”, my intuition sharpens and more. This subliminal is definitely also worth its money!!

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Absolute Self Confidence –
This was one of the first subliminal recordings, I was listening to.
It could be seen as cheap and compressed version of Alpha Male, because its intention is to strengthen the self confidence or let´s say, multiply it, so the user gets confident in ways, he never thought possible.

This subliminal recording is single-stage, which means this subliminal should be listened to for at least 32 days, but you don´t have to switch between different subliminal recordings (comparing to 6 stage Alpha Male). Nevertheless a 6 stage set is a lot more powerful.

My application of subliminal has been over a time period of 2 months. My self confidence went through the roof. The effectiveness of this subliminal is out of question.

Subliminal Absolute Self Confidence is availaible for free on subliminal page. In consequence the quality of subliminals can be tested for free then.

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Subliminal Self Help Recordings Help People In All Areas Of Life

Subliminal… and how I found them…

Since the beginning of the year 2000 I was always searching for ways to improve myself physically and mentally. I always wanted to break pre dominating limitations.

I started with the german book of Peter Kummer, called “Ich will, ich kann, ich werde”. I read through the entire book with no breaks and started doing the daily exercises (rewriting of own story).

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Afterwards I read through books of Joseph Murphy, who has a very good reputation in the field of positive thinking and started to implement the thoughts of a self made millionaire, called Helmut Ament (his product, produced in german is worth its money, too: “Richtig Geld verdienen über das Internet“).

Hence I thought, the most efficient stuff to reach subconscious and put the right commands into it, would be hypnosis. I started ordering different hypnosis CDs, which lead to great results.

One disadvantage of hypnosis is the urge of free time. You need to relax for half an hour up to one hour daily to fully absorb the hypnosis effects. You can´t do anything different during those times like i.e. do your daily work. Hypnosis in combination with daily affirmations ate too much of my free time, I´d rather like to use for my own business. I instinctively knew, that there must be more efficient ways to address the subconscious and in the mean time do my business or other stuff, I´d like to do.

I continued my research and found subliminal. Subliminal are recordings which can be listened to and directly put commands into subconscious. Those recordings are mostly created with relaxing nature sounds or are done completely silent.

I said to myself: I reached my target! I ordered my first subliminal with nature sounds and worked while listening to my subliminal.

I tried different subliminal recordings of german producers. In consequence I have to say that there are huge differences in quality (I don´t tell names… solely the name of the in my and a lot of other testimonial´s opinion worlds best subliminal producer).

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Subliminal which lead to more self confidence, success and wealth were tested extensively.

All of those tests lead to non-permanent results, so I continued my journey… till I was lead through a LifeStyle-Coaching forum to the world´s best subliminal producer.

This was in the middle of the year 2011. The depth of subliminal producer´s knowledge, how subconscious and life works, Law of Attraction and different manifestations techniques, is really WORLDWIDE unique!

I found subliminal created by subliminal shop.

Those subliminal recordings have changed myself in ways like nothing else did before, not even rudimentary. This has been a life changer for me!

This is confirmed by a wide group of authentic reviews, which have been written by people all over the world and by me. I got many of this people, who did reviews in my private facebook buddy and can confirm that they are real.

Subliminal can make changes of any kind… those reach from simple changes, like being more wealthy, find the perfect job, up to deeper changes, that I have went through by myself, too.

I started with a subliminal called Ultra Success and within a little more than 32 days, I was literally blown away. Clients, I have not been in contact for a while, started to ring me up out of the blue. New clients started to contact me and so on. Consciously I made the same things, like before – but my subconscious literally pulled those people into my life (manifestation).

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Motivated by the success of Ultra Success Subliminal, I ordered subliminal called Alpha Male. This subliminal transforms the user into a leader, who is successful in different areas of life, aligns the body language to those of an Alpha Male, aligns tonality and voice, changes charisma, implements speech patterns of a leading personality, let self confidence go through the roof and kills social anxiety (and more…).

I show you an original excerpt of first 7 of 25 points of Alpha Male set:

  • Have let go of any negative self image, attitudes, thoughts and beliefs about yourself.
  • Have a powerful, positive sense of self respect, self esteem, self image and self worth.
  • Have unshakable self confidence.
  • Be unaffected by rejection.
  • Treat women as people to enjoy the company of, without taking them too seriously, needing them, or being easily upset by them.
  • Have released expectations towards women, which often lead to bad choices, actions, attitudes, thinking and responses.
  • Be self sufficient and self reliant mentally, emotionally and otherwise.

This is a so called 6stage set, which means that this subliminal has to be listened to over a period of six months and includes six different stages. First stage cleans all the garbage, which society has been forced to someone by society. Stage 2 starts to implement Alpha Male personality. This program includes YEARS of of work and is filled with knowledge, that is literally priceless.

I did one run of complete Alpha Male and I am a new human being. I do know now, that I will listen my entire life to subliminal recordings from subliminal shop. Due to this subliminal I am 1000x more confident, developed laser-like focus (especially circumstances concerning my business), developed a very dominant body language on auto-pilot and do always speak my mind (I didn´t do it in this extent, before having finished Alpha Male) – no matter what other people may think of my opinion. And this is only an excerpt of the changes, I have gone through. I consciously leave some changes out of equation, that have happened, because otherwhise lot of people would say “this is not possible”. They have to try those subliminal by themselves!

Finally I can just say: If you REALLY want to make changes in your lifes (which changes whatsoever) – try the stuff, produces on this subliminal page.

Subliminal master Shannon is involved in producing worlds-best subliminal since year of 1992.

I am not joking!

Subliminal Shop does also provide a forum, where users post their authentic success stories as daily journals. Those people have used subliminals for weeks, months and years.

Those posts are authentic, because I have a lot of forum users also added on Facebook, I do know their life stories and have seen lots of before- and after-pictures.

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